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. Mysql 4.1.23-log geirha: hmm, yeah. i was more on the tasksel side what does it mean when you see -> 9.4.11-MariaDB-5.5.32-log in server stats? apt-get update seems broken since 1 or 2 weeks on ubuntu, any idea? tarzeau: "apt-cache policy mysql-server" in terminal please k1l_: exit I want to install the old version of php (5.3), but apparently i need to first uninstall my current version of php. How do I find out what version I have installed? porkchop, dpkg -l | grep php cfhowlett, I don't know what you mean. I just see a whole bunch of stuff, and I want to know which version of php I currently have installed. porkchop, "php -v" will tell you what version is installed cfhowlett, That's what I tried already. I've never seen php output to the terminal, so I'm not sure what to do with the output of that command. cfhowlett, I also found the info by going to /etc/php/5.3/cli, and looking for the line "Version" : porkchop, see your output cfhowlett, I don't understand what the | grep php does. porkchop, I said that cfhowlett, oh I see, and then what do I do with that output? porkchop, you need to tell us what you see cfhowlett, I'm sorry, I was trying to type faster than I think. So, I see a bunch of lines with "Inst




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Id Card Making Software Crack 11 sarfabr

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